Readers' Reviews

"I'm sick and tired of hearing any more of this self-loathing, anti-western, balderdash from the accursed lips of the damned young."
 - Haloge

"Poorly written and badly structured."
- Ispeak4U

"What a pompous load of old twaddle."
 - JGH_Stroud

"This is absolute drivel. So much so that I have absolutely no idea what your point is."
 - Ispeak4U (again)

"Rambling and poorly constructed I'm afraid, I really think you will need to write better than this."
 - Augustus Gloop

"You say you don't indulge in exaggeration or hyperbole, but then go on to try to link fairly separate things. That seems to be hyperbole to me."
- Crow

"Oh dear - very badly written piece about nothing in particular."
 - Ex-stroudie

"You really should start taking lessons in how to write correctly."
 - JGH_Stroud

"He is simply wrong... No sane person would argue that the process [of colonialism] was ‘malign’, ie was imposed with evil intent."
 - Chris Arnison

"As much as you're entitled to think this, you're wrong." 
-  Ispeak4U (He's back!)

"So objectivity isn't taught in university politics courses."
 - Lucian Aeris

"Bradley Young, contorting himself into a pretzel trying to prove that the Earth is flat and the Moon is made of cheese. And he hopes to become a journalist. I despair. Bradley, subsaharan africa's collective average IQ is in the zone of 70. Deny facts all you like. That only makes you a science-denier irrational quasi-religious bigot. Or just grow up."
 - Allen Zed

"You can't hoodwink us quite so easily."
 - Salendine